This photoshoot was made together with @prixdebeaute from LA when she was here and working as a professional model and actor. It was really dark and I lighten up with the super small Aputure Amaran F1 led light. this photos are available in fine art poster store.

Sneak peek of the new book

The book is about what you can make from what you find from the forest and the sea. Foreign cooking… environmentally friendly. Toast Sapmi, smoked deer with whitefish roe on toast Home cooked jam and lemonad on berries from the forest. Wilde geese on the fly. Partridge with lentils and pomegranate drilling for fish. Uncle […]

Foggy Hour

Today after I finished the photoshoot in the kitchen for the new cook book with actor Per Morberg, I put in a new battery in the camera, put on my boots, a warm jacket and walk out in the forest. The foggy light was amazing, and suddenly a glimpse from the sun was there for […]