Aerial Drone film and photography- director of Photgraphy and lead pilot Martin Lof

Martin brings a comprehensive understanding of flight safety and aeronautical standards to each of our projects, and he guides the team to safe delivery of exceptional content.  We have filmed for some of the largest production company in prime time television and still photography produktion for commercials and books. Certified Class 1B for flight within the city center or urban area. Experience from USA, Spain, Sweden and Danmark. We using the state of the art equipment to capture high quality aerial photography and film. High-quality format, ProRes 4444, DNG Raw or as desired.

Our mission

We use latest technic and fly with duo comand if its necessary. Our project in order to deliver footage that is unlike anything one could create without the advent of UAS technology. The finished product is a polished reel, delivered as agreement. Our mission is to craft a tailor made story-line that will captivate your viewers’ hearts with our refined cinematic style, and their minds with our unforgettable imagery.