To go through a forest is to clear thoughts. The tree’s asymmetric shape breaks off the square    

This project is amazing – the cup

Memories from Nairobi Kibera In 2015 UNICEF and the World Health Organization estimated that at least five hundred million women lack sufficient resources to manage their periods. With insufficient menstrual solutions, many girls miss a week of school each month or they drop out for good. Too often these girls even engage in transactional sex […]

3:e Advent Moule with saffron

Generally, Advent is a time when many people are very busy in preparation for Christmas Day, cleaning and decorating, buying food and gifts, writing cards and letters. I make a moule with saffron: 1kg/5lb mussels 3 garlic clove, finely chopped 2 onions, finely chopped 1 carrott 1/2 fennel 1/2 bottle dry white wine 3000ml/5fl oz […]

Portrait photo

Hey we testing out the blog function with a Portrait on granddaughter Alba ❤️

Drone day

Just outside Copenhagen sun shines thru the trees in the morning mist. This short clip was for a idea to a music video.