Memories from Nairobi Kibera

In 2015 UNICEF and the World Health Organization estimated that at least five hundred million women lack sufficient resources to manage their periods. With insufficient menstrual solutions, many girls miss a week of school each month or they drop out for good. Too often these girls even engage in transactional sex to make money for pads.

So, two of my best friends started up a The Cup Foundation Camilla Wirseen and Richard Ulfvengren. Its a California based non-profit organization founded in 2015 with a mission to empower underprivileged girls worldwide by providing them with sustainable menstrual cups and comprehensive education on sexuality and reproductive rights.
And the initial goal is to help 1 million young girls stay in school and live in dignity.

I got the question to do a non-profit photoshoot to help them to tell the situation in the slum Kibera and the work they do to help this girls from a really hard situation. These days will I never forget. The situation is so extreme, poverty and crime is a part of the daily living.

How ever, since its inception in 2015, The Cup Foundation has reached close to 10,000 girls aged 11 – 16 in Kenya. 10,000 girls can now have higher attendance in school and are better able to concentrate during lessons. 10,000 girls now live a more dignified life and have acquired essential knowledge that allows them to stay safe, healthy, and empowered.

GO TO ACTION, they constantly need donations to help more girls.

Visit and make a donation. I will…

More pictures to see here…. KIBERA



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